Restaurante Levante:

Restaurante Levante story starts year 1968, by that time called “Bar Levante”


Restaurante Levante

In response to the customers demands of a “hot” dish the first valencian paella was cooked.
Those customers came back…. and repeated. They brought some friends, and these friends brought others.
Step by step, the number of customers grew and the word was spread “ in the bar levante of Benisanó good paellas are eaten!”.

When Rafael Vidal finished his studies and the membership of the rest of the family, we decided to change the philosophy of a bar to a restaurant. By this moment our paellas started to be known by the rice lovers.

The restaurant levante paellas have been savored along the years by personalities like our royal majesties the kings of Spain, elite athletes, international singers, first level actors or renowned cookers like Jose Andrés who still relies on Rafael Vidal for his outreach of the Traditional Valencian Paella in the US.

The integration of the third Vidal family generation had a decisive impact in the upgrading of Levante Restaurant.


Master Paellero

Alma mater of the Levante Restaurant. Rafael has instilled in his children a passion for Valencian gastronomy. The tradition, the experience and the passion for the product well done, are its hallmarks.



Kitchen direction

Víctor enters the TDC (Tourist Development Center) in Valencia for 18 years, where he will
be trained for almost 3 years, first in the room management, and then in the kitchen.



Project Management

After finishing his university studies in Architecture, he began to take an interest in
Oenology, training at the CDT in Valencia together with great experts in the world of wine
and revolutionizing the menus of our restaurants.


Cooked in the purest traditional style